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  1. estiaeye

    Random Car Photography Collection

    I'll start this thread with a small collection of Pictures I took. Processed using Lightroom and Photoshop to get a certain look I like. I will keep Posting pictures here in future. Pictures taken using Canon DSLR. Enjoy!
  2. Raceface_13

    Photoshoot Locations Directory Thread

    Got the idea from Minitorque forum, so stole it- There seem to be quite a few budding photographers on here; some professional, some enjoy it as a hobby. I thought it'd be a good idea to set up a thread purely as a list of some of the best photoshoot locations so that people can find some...
  3. DeeKay86

    Studio Lighting - Help?

    Hello everyone!! I'm moving soon, and will finally have a space for a "YouTube Studio". Which means I need some studio lighting. Been looking at these kits that have 4 fluorescent bulbs in a soft box, you get the stand etc and everything you need for around £90. Budget is around £100 and in...
  4. Scrooge

    February Photography Competition 2017 -Depth of Field

    So, again, this really needs to make a return! I've just got myself an Canon 70d so I really need to get out there and get some shots! We aren't too far into the month, especially for an easy subject such as this. Hopefully this will attract a fair few people and get it rolling again and I an...
  5. MrBlonde

    Night London/Essex Locations

    Looking for some photography locations in Essex and SE London for the Evening/Night. Obvious places that are well lit or good lighting please.
  6. mattf4r

    Dusting off the camera (sort of) - Cup content!

    I'm a 'Professional' photographer (aka photography pays my bills) and I used to be mega into shooting cars but it's been about 12 months since I've got stuck in and took any car photos. Real life took over and I shoot other stuff to make a living but just had an urge after cleaning the cup...
  7. MrBlonde

    Photo locations Herts/Essex\London

    Ive got the week off work & going to give the cup a proper clean & do a few photos,just want to see if any keen photographers or anyone can recommend some good locations please?.in essex/herts/london
  8. S

    The Big Welsh Car Show at Margam Park

    So I attended this show last weekend, and it was filled with a great variety of fantastic cars. Classic Mini's, OEM Cosworth's, R33 GTR, and an incredible Mk2 Escort with the Heart of an S2K, on carbon Jenveys!. Here are a couple of my better photo's as the lighting was awkward on the day...
  9. MrBlonde

    172 Cup

    Just a few photos today after a clean and drive,still cant get that perfect photo tho!.Not happy with the stance really!!. Photos taken with the iPhone and compact camera.
  10. MrBlonde

    Industrial/derelict essex or near

    Looking for a industrial or derelict locations in essex or surrounding areas to take a few photos of my car please if anyone knows of any that would be great!.after something run down or just interesting.
  11. Scrooge

    April 2016 Photography Competition- The voting thread!

    A good lot of entries this month! I will keep the voting short this time so we have linger to shoot May's theme. Voting will close, midnight on the 6th! As always the winner will pick the next theme. Thanks. 1. @TheEvilGiraffe 2. @Dredz06 3. @eugegall 4. @nius02 5. @Yanoo 6. @Aaron.. 7...
  12. Scrooge

    April Photography Competition- Black & White

    So congratulations @Aaron.. The theme this month is Black and white, another easy one so I expect just as many entries as last time! Entries close on the 30th April and voting to commence in the following week (first week of January, with next theme starting on the 7th). - Post a maximum of 3...
  13. Scrooge

    March 2016 Photography Competition! - Depth of Field

    So this really needs to make a return! We aren't too far into the month, especially for an easy subject such as this. Hopefully this will attract a fair few people and get it rolling again and I an excuse to pick up my camera more. Rules as follows; Entries close on the 31st March and voting...