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  1. C

    Continental premium contact 6 tyres 205 45 16 clio 182 size review

    Anybody used the above tyre in 205/45/r16 Interested to know how they compare to the michelin pilot sport 3 in the same size. I like the ps3 but there not quite as sharp as the original michelin pe2 tyres. It would be nice if the sidwalls were firmer than the ps3 but dont want to buy a pair to...
  2. MrBlonde

    PS3 Controller on PS4?

    Is it possible to use a PS3 controller on a PS4? Sorry if this has been covered already.
  3. Jack!

    The Gaming Thread (General Gaming Jibba Jabba)

    I know we normally have individual threads for the big AAA titles, but thought it would be good if we had a general thread for discussion of smaller titles that don't demand their own thread or just general news in the gaming world etc. Not system (PC/Console/other) specific. Most of the...