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Continental premium contact 6 tyres 205 45 16 clio 182 size review

  BG 182FF
Anybody used the above tyre in 205/45/r16 Interested to know how they compare to the michelin pilot sport 3 in the same size.
I like the ps3 but there not quite as sharp as the original michelin pe2 tyres.
It would be nice if the sidwalls were firmer than the ps3 but dont want to buy a pair to find out as they may be softer.
  Clio Trophy
Anyone have more feedback on these tyres?

I only came across that Tyre Reviews video yesterday and it would suggest they'd be a good option given the PS3 was never that highly rated and the Continental is being compared favourably with tyres newer than the PS3.

New performance options aren't exactly growing on trees in the 16" bracket.


ClioSport Club Member
Following. Always been a big fan of Michelin tyres, but always had doubts about the PS3's being an outdated tyre, as well as not being designed specifically for the Clio's like the exaltos were.
Can't say I've had any issues with the PS3's though.
  Clio Trophy
Yes I'm in the same camp. No issues but tyres do move on.

I emailed Jon at tyrereviews (who's also on pistonheads) and he hasn't actually driven on the PS3. He thinks the PC6 should still feel better but did say in the smaller sizes the structure of the tyre often changes from the sizes in these typical tests (18"+) so it could come down to who's done a better job.

It's fairly safe to say an 18" PS3 would likely come last when compared to the 3 in that video review so you'd hope this would extend down to the smaller sizes...


ClioSport Club Member
Definitely need a small road tyre test (15”/16”) on tyre reviews. Be plenty of older performance cars running wheels that small, can’t just be Clios. Bet it would be be dry interesting with the mix of old and new tyre tech.
  Clio Trophy
Does make me wonder what the cars would be like if the latest and great UHP tyres were available in 16". Can you imagine Pilot Sport 4S or Sport Contact 7's on one of these?


Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
There's still options with trackday/semi-slick tyres, obviously no good right now but you won't be hobbled with crap tyres on track.