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  1. AndyPembs182

    Headlamp washer pump location

    My windscreen and rear screen washers are working fine, but the headlamp ones aren’t. I’ve had a search and gather that two pumps are needed. Could someone help me with the location of the one which does the headlamp washers?
  2. R

    Will 182 fuel pump fit a 1.2 16v?

    So my fuel pump has finally died and i've been looking around for a fairly cheap replacement. Renparts have a pump that's fairly inexpensive at the moment but it's from a 1*2. Is the pump any different on the sport models to the non-sport petrols? (Mine has the D4F)
  3. C

    Uprated oil pump (f4r)

    Hi, does anybody know if there is any uprated oil pump for more pressure for the f4r engine? Also do we know what pressure should have a healthy OEM oil pump?? Thanks in advance, Alex
  4. J

    Power Steering pipe

    I've just had a second hand steering rack installed. Unfortunately the pipe from the PAS pump to the rack had seized tight and was unable to work loose. In the end it had to be cut in order to remove the rack. I now need new pipes from the pump to the rack. Question is, can a standard clio...