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  1. R

    Clio 200, R26 Converted. Intermittent Solid Immobilser issue.

    Hi guys, apologies if this is in the incorrect place to post this. However I’ve got an extremely annoying immobiliser issue that I’m hoping that someone, somewhere may have some knowledge on. Over the last 6+ months I’ve been getting the solid red immobiliser light come on, making it impossible...
  2. Danith

    Megane 225/230 engine fuelling questions

    OK - I await all the 'don't be a fanny' comments and 'its 50/50' or 'my mate's has been on 3246236 bhp with no issues' :smile: - I'm not a gambling man, I don't do 50/50, but yes, I am a fanny. So my Megane R26 is currently on ktec turbo back with sports cat, 630cc injectors, ramair open cone...