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  1. Zsolteen

    X85 cup racer ecu

    Hello everyone. I got this message out of the blue. VERLOG-ACTIVE (SOFTWARE LOCK ENABLED) and the car won't start since then. does anyone know why this happened? or how to 'delete' this error?
  2. James363

    Cup Racer Uniball holders

    Hi, I work as a CAD Engineer at a reverse engineering company Crosthwaite and Gardiner (as proof of competence, we've all seen some suspicious suspension components). I am looking to produce some cup racer style uniball holders, matching the original geometry of a 1*2 ball joint. This will...
  3. James363

    Cup racer steering wheel buttons

    Hi, most race cars seem to have plenty of buttons around the steering wheel for controlling various functions, and I want the same on my rally car, but can't find them anywhere. In case my description was completely off, the cup racer here has the exact product I want: If anyone knows where I...