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racing blue 182

  1. Advikaz

    182 Need some assistance …

    Hi, Finished up a few jobs on my 182 today. Have some questions that I’m hoping you wonderful inbreds can help with. For those that have removed their rear seats/bench. What solutions have you come up with for bunging the holes left in the floor for the seat belts ? Any links to bungs etc ...
  2. C

    My dads old car

    Hoping to find the current owner of my dads old car , would love to see it again and maybe one day buy it off the owner 😊
  3. OneTime_

    OneTime's Racing Blue 182

    I've always had a soft spot for a Racing Blue 182 and when I stumbled across this one a couple of weeks ago I put in a bid and ended up winning! I collected it last weekend from Hereford and had an enjoyable 3 hour drive home. I've come from owning a Honda Integra DC5 and a Hawkeye WRX STI...