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  1. Jimjam930

    Loud rattle

    Hi everyone, I had all the belts and dephaser done at rensport a few weeks ago, and on its first time out it developed a quiet rattle coming from the drivers side engine bay, both I and rensport were concerned so I had it trailered there. They said they found a bit of plastic near the...
  2. D

    Clio 182 Engine Rattle.

    My 182 has developed a lightish rattle high up in the engine, so it's engine out and I have started to dismantle it to see what's going on. I shall update when I find a problem.
  3. K

    172 helicopter rattle

    Hi guys wondering if anyone can help? I’ve just bought myself a tidy 172 Clio phase 1. All was good however after a long drive on the motorway I started getting a progressively loud helicopter rattle sound from the front near side. Everything seems tight and In place. the noise only seems to...
  4. Cliomaxx69

    Awful inconsistent rattle, can't seem to pin point where it's coming from

    Hi, ( video for sound) I have this inconsistent metallic rattle that seems to be coming from behind the gauges ( LHD car). I can hear it very clearly on the inside and I noticed it's almost always there when the engine is at 2k rpm. I had someone rev it to 2k at a stop and I could also hear it...
  5. Cliomaxx69

    Steering wheel rattle

    Hi, I've noticed a rattle coming from inside the steering wheel / steering column / or being the gauges. It only happens when the wheel is slightly turned to the right or on very rough roads. I also noticed a rattle when I move the wheel left to right at a stop ( check the video). Not sure if...
  6. KingFisher

    Strange gearbox whine/ buzzing.

    Hi all. Recently bought a 182 and am loving it, although, I have a slight issue regarding a ticking/ buzzing noise that sounds as if its coming from the front left area in the engine bay. It sounds almost as if someone has twanged a ruler on the edge of a table and increases with RPM of the...
  7. B

    Vibrating noises

    Hi everyone, My Clio 182 rattles around 3000rpm, sounds like the speakers and the stereo but constantly changes. I don't know how to fix this, do i just need to put up with it. I've tried putting screws in the front speaker passenger side but I cant find any that fit. But it seems to be the...
  8. Posty07

    Clio 1.2tce Rattling/Tapping seemingly coming from offside

    Hi all, As in the title I'm getting a strange metallic sounding tapping noise from the offside of the engine. I've not heard a noise like it before so don't know what to look for, so I was hoping someone might have an idea! Video shows the noise, it isn't as audible on the near-side of the...
  9. 20vKarlos

    In your opinion what’s this noise??

    Hi all I’ve had a 182 offered to me with this engine noise... What do you think it will be? It could be a perfect car to run alongside the 172 track car! So I’m rather interested in knowing what it might be. Apparently it’s had a recent service and started making this noise after the...
  10. S

    Idle Rattle

    2004 Clio 182 The car has developed a rattle on idle, it happens when the car has reached temperature. At first I thought it was the exhaust heat shield. I discovered yesterday that if I engage the clutch the rattle disappears. Could it be the clutch release bearing? Or a worn mount? Many...
  11. K

    Very Loud Rattle when revving With video.

    Hi all just drove back from work and while reversing out of a space it let out a very loud rattle, while driving I dipped the clutch and the noise stopped, revved it sharply and it rattles again, slowly revving in neutral and no rattle, but rev a little harder and it rattles like crazy.