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172 helicopter rattle

Hi guys wondering if anyone can help?

I’ve just bought myself a tidy 172 Clio phase 1. All was good however after a long drive on the motorway I started getting a progressively loud helicopter rattle sound from the front near side. Everything seems tight and In place.

the noise only seems to occur when I am not accelerating. The clutch makes no difference if engaged or let off. also no noise when stationary. Any help or advice would be perfect thansk guys.


ClioSport Club Member
Had this recently. I thought it could have been a non-round wheel. But on inspection I noticed the CV gaitor on the N/S was split so then thought that it could be a CV joint. Have got a new drive shaft in but not been able to test it as it is currently not starting as I am waiting to fit a crank sensor when that arrives. Also fitted new front wheel bearings at the same time as the drive shaft, mainly as I am doing a full refresh of the whole car but it could have been that as well.


ClioSport Club Member
given the clutch makes no difference then it can really only be the tyre, wheel, driveshaft or bearing?

check the driveshaft hub nut is tight, sure they are like 280nm or something, seen them not torqued properly make odd noises