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renault clio sport

  1. tadas

    From gravel to road 172 PH1

    Good day all! It has been pretty much seven years since I have posted here on the forum about my gravel Clio rs 172. Basically, I have raced it in snow, ice, and gravel. I was not kind at all to it. It does have quite a few special bits to it, and it even has a special VIN number. Good bits...
  2. S

    New headlights for Renault Clio 2.0 16v sport 182 with both cup packages

    What is going on with Renault? all I want is a new set of headlights for my 2005 Renault Clio sport 182 with both cup packages. I'm tearing my goddamn hair out! Everyone is advertising that they have them but they don't? Ordered some off eBay they were delivered broken. Ordered some from Europe...
  3. RuskiWeldFab

    Custom tubular turbo manifold Fab

    Just wanted to share 2 part video i made of how i fabricated my own turbo manifold. its shedule 10 bends and pipe. all tig welded and back purged. its not a work of art but its my first one and i am happy with it! time will tell how well i built it. PART 1. measure 7 times only cut once. PART...