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  1. AndyPembs182

    Renovating 182 upper and lower front grills

    The upper and lower front grills on my 182 have faded to a grey/blue colour and I’d like to renovate them. Ideally, whatever I do I’d like a permanent solution. If you’ve tried spray painting I’d be interested to hear your advice! Preparation, products etc. All help gratefully received!
  2. HAP

    Can it be fixed?

    My Petrol Blue clio has some rust and dents on the bonnet. I've heard that you cannot get a single panel sprayed in petrol blue you must get the whole car resprayed is this true?
  3. D

    172 project

    Just thought I would start a thread, I have had a R plate 1.4, 53 plate 1.2 dynamique, 04 plate 1.6 16v, 02 plate BG 172 in the past, I know have an Astra gtc but an iceberg silver 172 project, I got it for nothing but needed a bottom end so just decided to replace the engine, I have brand new...