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roll cage

  1. N

    Safety Devices RO22 or RO17

    Afternoon all, Got my car booked in at Mark Fish to have the rear of a RO22 SD cage fitted early July, with the view to get the rest done at a later date. I would be very grateful if anyone could upload some images of theirs in situ please. I want to make sure it’s what I think it’ll be...
  2. FrogJam Motorsport

    182 Full Custom Roll Cage Design

    Hello All, Nearly completed stripping a 182 to turn it into a track car so been discussing what to do with the roll cage. So would be great to hear peoples thoughts and ideas to make a better roll cage. Ideally would want to have a Custom Cages multipoint weld in cage (like below) but without...
  3. Brushwood69

    Cage going in but what about alarm?

    Hi, turning my cup into a rally car and have a cage going in over the next few weeks but as I strip the car what happens to the little sensors in the A pillars? Can they be cut out? Can the alarm be deactivated permanently? Any help much appreciated as usual! BW69
  4. RossDC

    Track Clio 182 cup (pic heavy)

    Morning all. Thought it was about time I registered and stopped lurking. Currently share a Clio 182 Cup with my co-driver Steve that we use exclusively for trackdays. Bought about 6 months ago we've built it up at home into something we're now pretty happy with. I come from a background of...