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  1. M

    Fitting Cup Spoiler to non Cup spoiler pack 182

    Hi Team, Bit heartbroken at the moment. I bought a 182 Cup pack spoiler for my non Cup pack spoiler 182, had it shipped all way from the UK to NZ. Whipped the old one off plugged the new one in and the brake light isn't working... I did some reading on forums beforehand and I understood this...
  2. C

    How can I know if my clio has the cup chassis?

    Hi! I just bought a clio 182 and was wondering, how can I know if my clio has the cup chassis pack or cup suspension pack? Because I know this clio didn't include heated seats and has less equipment for weight reduction.
  3. PaRist0

    Hello from Vaasa, Finland

    Hello Everyone! I'm a new member on this forum. I have a two cars Toyota Prius and Renault Clio RS812..:sweat: Has anyone experience with these? I'm looking for seats with good value for money.