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Fitting Cup Spoiler to non Cup spoiler pack 182

  2006 Clio 182
Hi Team,

Bit heartbroken at the moment. I bought a 182 Cup pack spoiler for my non Cup pack spoiler 182, had it shipped all way from the UK to NZ. Whipped the old one off plugged the new one in and the brake light isn't working... I did some reading on forums beforehand and I understood this would be a straight swap? If this is the case where should I go from here? The light unit looks pretty well fixed in the spoiler not allowing for much service. I have not put the old spoiler back on that one works fine so its not the car wiring.

I going to confirm with the seller if he can prove the brake light worked before sending but bet he will just go dark on me...

Thanks in advance.

Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
I fixed one of mine with these.

Just find the equivalent for your country.

But sometimes it can be as simple as a bit of corrosion, so a clean-up with contact spray might fix it.

If not, you pretty much strip off the old diodes and stick the strip over the PCB board. It's not an exact fit, but you'll be able to figure it out.

Just be careful how you prize the lens out of the spoiler, it's easy to crack.

Here’s my thread for reference


ClioSport Club Member
New LED strip as above will be the simplest fix, sorry you've been led to believe it's a working one especially when shipped over that distance. The lens is the rare/expensive bit, so get that out without cracking it and you won't be in for too much pain.


I Park Like a C**t
ClioSport Club Member
To remove it you're best drilling a small hole through the back and pushing it out. You'll crack it otherwise.


ClioSport Club Member
  Campus 1*2
Ive never seen one that works for years, they let water in and it kills them. @aldo_87 recently repaired one
I cut open a regular 172 spoiler brake light and harvested the led strip.

It's not a straight swap as such but does fit. Wiring/multiplug needs a little mod too.