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  1. A

    Clio 182 Trophy Sachs Front Adjustable Dampers (Used)

    Hi everyone. I hope any OG 182 Cup & Trophy owners still here are all well. It's been a very long time since I've been around the forum. I've not even owned a car since I sold my last R26.R in 2020. I have a set of used Sachs Front Adjustable Dampers en-route to me and I'll have eyes on next...
  2. F

    New clutch slipping in reverse

    Hello! My new Sachs clutch is slipping on my 172 Cup and making a nasty smell, but only in reverse. Absolutely perfect going forwards. Is it just something I need to let bed in or is it likely I've done something wrong when putting it all back together? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in...
  3. MarcB

    Sachs Dampers
  4. jesus

    Trophy #41 - Showroom Fresh

    Those of you who know me will know that the Trophy is far from a show car bodywork wise. It's lived on a track all its life and every owner has taken it to the Nurburgring at least once. It's covered in stone chips (the front bumper is beyond salvageable), the door handles are pink and it gets...