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  1. MaxB

    Squeaky rear seat belt

    My MK2 3dr Clio has a squeaky rear left seat belt that drives both me and my passengers insane! Is there anything I can squirt in there or how would I go about getting access to the mechanism in order to clean and lubricate it? Thanks!
  2. MaxB

    Clio 2 3dr stiff passenger seat

    Hello, I have 2005 Clio 2 and the passenger seat has become extremely stiff to move backwards and forwards both on the adjustment and when you tilt the seat to get into the back. I noticed this after my mate was bouncing around in the seat the other day but am not sure if this is related or...
  3. W

    Seat Folding Sliding Cable

    Fitting seats and there's one cable I can't work out where it goes. The cable that connects the handle on the seats to the sliding mechanism - so that when you fold the seats you can slide them without separately using the sliding lever. This is the cable at the seat runner end (it's already...
  4. D

    Clio mk2 Front Seat Lumbar Stuck

    Hey guys, So I am working on my Clio mk2 (3-door) and found a few faults with the front seats. First; the passenger seat wouldn't tilt to let passengers in the back. The bar was jammed so I fixed that no problem. The main problem currently is that the wheel on the inside of the seat to adjust...
  5. D

    Driver side seat wont move

    Basically the drive side seat lever which allows it to tilt forward will lift up but the seat won't budge, meaning if I have more than 1 passenger they all need to get in the passenger side door. Does anyone know anywhere in the North East that would take a look/ repair this, or does anyone...