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service light

  1. AndyPembs182

    ABS, service and traction control lights

    Since changing my wishbones and track rod ends last weekend some warning lights are coming on and off intermittently: ABS, service and traction control. I suspect an ABS sensor might have been knocked during the work? Maybe some rust got into a sensor? Can anyone offer some advice as to how to...
  2. Archtects

    Abs and service light. Looks like the traction control light too?

    Changed my wheels for 15" yesterday and the rear springs for ebech. For life of me I Cant move the front springs don't really have the right tools. So I'm having a mate help me next week. All 4 wheels are now 15", I poped up to helfrauds to see if I could get a 21mm swan neck but nope. On way...
  3. MrBlonde

    Service & Airbag light

    My Service and Airbag light came on the other day,I do have a OMP wheel on which I put the 3.9ohm resistors in a couple of years ago and never had a problem,i replaced the resistors today with new ones to rule that out but no luck.Also checked connectors under the seats,is there an easy fix or...
  4. S

    service light and aribag light on due to crash (airbags didnt deploy) help needed!

    hi guys, i had a crash in april this year which didnt delpoy the airbags. however as a result the service light and airbag light both came on. How do i get these lights to go off? i know i can remove the bulbs which i will do if its a simple job and the bulbs arent a pain in the arse to get out...
  5. D

    Steering wheel angle sensor

    I've recently put a aftermarket wheel on but I broke the angle sensor, I purchased a new one but don't know how to calibrate it, can someone tell me how to do it? TIA