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  1. C

    What Spark Plugs for a 2010 Mk3 Renault Clio 1.2 16V 75hp Eco2?

    Hi, I'm new to posting on here but I recently bought a 2010 Renault Clio Mk3 1.2 16V 75hp Eco2, and I'm trying to find the right spark plugs for it, but the spark plug recommendations change completely on the petrol 1.2 16v 75hp vs the "ethanol" 1.2 16v 75hp engine on websites, so I'm wondering...
  2. A

    What spark plugs for 2010 200?

    just checking are these spark plugs correct for my Clio 200 2010 or are they different to a 197?
  3. L

    Oil Specs?

    Hi folks figured I’d post here as I’ve searched the internet far and wide and not been successful! I am doing a service of my girlfriends 2016 Clio DCi 1.5 and I cannot find what the right type of oil is for this model. ECP recommended 5w40, which I bought. But want to make sure it is the right...
  4. S

    service light and aribag light on due to crash (airbags didnt deploy) help needed!

    hi guys, i had a crash in april this year which didnt delpoy the airbags. however as a result the service light and airbag light both came on. How do i get these lights to go off? i know i can remove the bulbs which i will do if its a simple job and the bulbs arent a pain in the arse to get out...