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  1. A

    Silverstone GP ft Recaro Goodness!

    Haven't come on here alot but had the car nearly 9 months now and taken a few photos along the way... Things got really sexy last month when I picked up a lovely set of Recaro's to replace my slightly worn Yellow dots :D The Clio is great now it has leather Recaro's, something they...
  2. A

    Silverstone GP badges

    Current badges I've got for reference. Just need new ones to please my OCD Spending some time and unfortunately pennies tarting up the car ready for spring. The only part I can't seem to source is two external Silverstone badges. Does anyone have a part number or know a place that sells them...
  3. Scrooge

    Day spent at Silverstone!

    I was lucky enough to tag along to a track day at Silverstone today, was some properly lovely metal floating about the place. Always love going to Silverstone. Well except Ford Fair. I tried to take as many pictures and video as possible but I was too busy talking most of the time, anyway this...
  4. A

    Hello all!

    Well after having a highly modified turbo charged pocket rocket diesel hatch(Eibach's Fabia VRS demo car) for a few months I fancied a change and bought another Clio(my first car was also a Clio) This is my RS200 Silverstone GP edition car No.32 of 50. The Clio is very different from my Skoda...
  5. ChrisCurr

    Project:- Renault Sport Clio 200 Silverstone GP Edition - No 25/50

    Project mint - Here's the start - November - 2016 I will add to the thread as it improves;