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  1. F

    Drum size conversion from 203 to 180

    So I did a cheap/stupid thing today Bought new brake drums & shoes for my mk2 and they are visibly smaller. Like don’t even need to open the box smaller. In my rush to buy them before they’re out of stock again, I bought the 180mm drums but I have the 203mm drums. I didn’t even take the wheel...
  2. S

    Rear brake drum/shoes dimensions please

    I have an 04 mk2 phase 2 extreme 4 trim. Im looking to replace the rear drums and shoes and the car has sat for a while and they are sounding and looking like they could do with being changed. Does anyone know the dimensions of the shoes and the drums so i can make sure i order the right ones...
  3. TheBandit

    Mk2 1.2 Dynamique: Larger Brake Discs?

    I have recently purchased 260mm brake discs from the advice of a thread here, turns out my 1.2 peasent spec have 238mm discs installed. (I should have believed the auto part sites). I can always sell the discs on but then that got me wondering... How much work would it require to fit these...