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    Mk2 Clio Lowering spring suggestions?? 40mm? 60mm?

    Hi guys, about to lower my Mk2 Clio Extreme, just looking for suggestions on what lowering springs I should buy eg. 40mm or 60mm, which brand to choose, what looks best, what rides best and if there are any major drawbacks to using 60mm over 40mm etc. as you can see from the photo the wheel gap...
  2. H

    New to the forum! 3 door "Stanced" Clio

    Hi! New to the forum , joining as ive had this for 6 months and joining to get some advice for when it goes wrong as well as provide some help to others! 2003 Clio 1.4 16v Coilovers Borbet T 14x8 (Toyo 195/45/R14 all round ) (will be refurbed in "Anthracite" at a later date) Yellow Fogs...