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stop light

  1. M

    'STOP' and 'OIL PRESSURE FAULT' lights appear when going round corners.

    Hi guys, Recently my 2007 Clio Mk3 has been displaying the 'OIL PRESSURE FAULT' message on the dash, as well as the 'STOP' light coming on. This only happens when driving around corners. I've checked my oil levels on the dipstick and it all looks fine. Car runs as normal and there's no...
  2. J

    Stop and battery light 182

    I know this has been done before but I can't seem to find anything that can solve my issue. Basically my alternator packed in a couple months ago as they always do and i never replaced it as i was just using the car to get to and from work so just charged it every night for a few weeks till I...
  3. RPX172

    Warning lights wont go out after removing ABS.

    I decided to delete the abs and remove everything that comes with it, ive fitted a bias valve and replaced all the pipes with braided hoses from Proline Motorsport. The brakes feel much better now, but the stop light and handbrake light wont go out now. :( Its a Ph2 Clio 172 with a gearbox type...