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'STOP' and 'OIL PRESSURE FAULT' lights appear when going round corners.

  Renault Clio Ripcurl
Hi guys,

Recently my 2007 Clio Mk3 has been displaying the 'OIL PRESSURE FAULT' message on the dash, as well as the 'STOP' light coming on.

This only happens when driving around corners. I've checked my oil levels on the dipstick and it all looks fine.

Car runs as normal and there's no noticeable change in sound etc, however, I have noticed a slight burning smell at higher revs.

Any ideas what might be going on here?

Cheers in advance.


ClioSport Club Member
Sludged up or damaged oil pickup, failing oil pump, restriction somewhere else in the oil system (when's the last time it had an oil and filter change?), maybe a oil pressure sensor.

That's a potential engine killer so if you're not handy with the spanners yourself I'd get it looked at. If you know what you're about and the oil filter isn't ancient then I'd probably whip the sump off and check for any nasties in there first.