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  1. K

    Clio Williams Subframe Widetrack

    Hi, Im new here, I have 1993 Clio S with a Volvo 480 turbo swap and I want it to have Williams Front Track, Does the Subframe Add up to front Track or is the wishbones that makes it wider. I will leave it here some pictures of my Clio
  2. J

    Exhaust/flexi/subframe 197

    Advice needed… I have a 197 and just had it in the garage for exhaust. The mechanic tried to modify it so it doesn’t constantly hit the subframe but was unable. Also the flex is leaking so will need new front part of the exhaust from manifold with flex pipe to middle section. Struggling to find...
  3. dentillozie

    aftermarket subframe?

    hi all, Just got a fail on Belgian MOT for a bent subframe. Does anyone have any experience with a aftermarket subframe? There are a couple on autodoc: Are...
  4. Rystar

    Seeking Guidance - Steering Rack won't line back up, any tips?

    Hi All, I'm in the middle of replacing my subframe as I managed to bend the original one going over a curb in the snow. I've used the opportunity to upgrade all the front bushings to powerflex black and fit a new starter motor, fit s 182 manifold and link pipe. Now I've got the old subframe...
  5. R

    182 steering problems

    Hey can anyone help me... First of all I get a squeak when I start the engine first time of the day. Usually cold. Then a wee bit before hard lock it will squeak pretty bad I have just done the gearbox and clutch. By dropping the subframe, Now when I'm in say 5th gear accelerate 60-70 then...
  6. Jack_S

    Bucket Seat Mounting- help!

    I need a bit of help/advice- I've stripped down the interior of my 182 at the weekend with a view to getting my seat fitted. I have a Sparco Sprint seat with side mounts and I want to retain the runners so the seat position is still adjustable. What do I need in order to acheive this? Can I use...