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  1. M

    Leaking sunroof - confused about which tape to use

    Hi, I've got a 2003 sunroof with the standard leaking sunroof. Whilst it is handy for giving my passenger's shoes a quick wash, I have been trying to fix. I checked the drain hole and scuttle wotsit arent blocked. I've looked at some you tube videos and got as far as figuring out that it is...
  2. R

    Sunroof or Windscreen leak?

    So I went out to the car the other day after it had rained heavily, started driving and strangely my left arm became rather wet. It looks to me like the water is coming from behind the map light and that odd little grill next to it. I assume this is due to either a leaking sunroof or the top of...
  3. B

    NEWBIE - Water Issues - Footwells - Clio DCi

    Hi all, Firstly... I'm a newbie! I drive a 2002 Clio DCi 65 for commuting to and from work. I have a small amount of water (damp to touch) on the passenger side footwell carpet and under the passenger seat. The water starts where you would put your feet and only goes back as far as the tray...