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  1. B

    brake light switch?

    Hi, i have a 2004 Clio 1.4... i have seen it's a relatively common issue, but the brake lights dont come on at all unless my foot is fully depressed to the floor, basically an emergency brake! I have had the brakelight switch changed, this did not solve the issue.... any ideas what else it...
  2. M

    Fog lights upgrade on my 65 clio dci

    Hi there. I want to put fog lights and stock switch at my 65 clio, but I'm wondering if it would work just connecting the bumper loom to the plug if there is one, or do I need anything else?? Thanks
  3. ellisg93

    A Series of Electrical Issues

    Really need some help please! Have some electrical issues that i'm struggling to diagnose as i'm brand new to these cars. - Passenger window - doesn't go up or down... I've replaced the switches both sides as i've heard this is a common issue. Before I did this, I did manage to get it to go up...
  4. T

    Rear boot has gone mental!

    Recently, I've noticed a half second delay when I pick my car and the boot locking. For example, I lock my car, and then half a second later, I hear the boot lock. I think nothing of it until I notice that my boot light no longer functions. I changed the bulb and switch and it still doesn't...
  5. G

    Nintendo Switch

    Impressive. Be interested to know how long it can last in portable mode
  6. edwarj123

    Hazard light switch

    Hi, So the first of my 2 electrical issues Hazard light switch has started popping out on its own now and wont stay in. I've unplugged it at the back but will obviously have to replace it Are all the PHll ones the same - the 182 ones aren't any different, I can't seething see a model specific...