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  PH2 Clio 172
Really need some help please!
Have some electrical issues that i'm struggling to diagnose as i'm brand new to these cars.

- Passenger window - doesn't go up or down... I've replaced the switches both sides as i've heard this is a common issue. Before I did this, I did manage to get it to go up / down once from the drivers switch but it was reversed i.e. up was down, down was up.
- Indicators - these randomly disappear and neither the indicator stalk or the hazard button seem to do the job of turning them on.
- Dash lights - at the same time as the indicators, the headlights either don't come or or don't illuminate the dash (luckily I haven't driven it at night for a long period to experience the full severity of this yet).

I've heard the letters UCH thrown around after searching a few threads. Wondering:
- What's involved in replacing just this?
- Is it expensive for a good condition second hand one?
- How long does it take?
- If you think it is this, do you have one for sale?

Could really do with some urgent help on this if anyone gets a chance please, don't want to sound too desperate but it's nearly caused a couple of crashes on roundabouts so far...


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Merc ML55
With the list of faults you've mentioned it would sound to me as though the uch is at fault.

Can't really be replaced on its own without having to be recoded, you can change as a set along with the ecu and fob part of key, both of the replacement uch and ecu part numbers need to match your originals exactly. Costs vary a little but I'd expect a replacement set to be around £80-100 from memory.
  PH2 Clio 172
Thanks for the quick reply Ads.
Do you know what's involved in reprogramming the UCH? I have an OBD cable and NCS Expert and i'm not afraid to destroy my car completely ;-)
Is another option to get one with the exact part number and swap relays over?


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 Merc ML55
Re code is via Clip diagnostics only I believe, if you swap a Co let set over its just a case of unclipping the electrical connectors and then swapping the units across, worst bit is generally getting the cover off the ecu, some will slide off lovely, others are a complete t#@t. From my experience you can't just swap one component on its own, as they are paired together (hence needing to recode an individual)