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  1. S

    1.2 air con belt tensioner replacement. Help needed

    Can only find stuff about the sport models. Standard d4f 720 1.2 with air con. Just a question. Do you just unbolt and rebolt the tensioner/idler pulley, or do you have to make sure the bolt/axle doesnt fall out the back of the bracket? Can't find a vid of anyone doing it, manual says...
  2. Jme34

    Rubbing Aux belt advice

    hi all, Bought myself a 182 (full fat) just over a month ago. Though I have now noticed the aux belt is rubbing on the tensioner to the point that some thread in the belt is visible. I have booked it in to get changed in about 2 weeks time, but the garage is over a 2hr drive away as it is a...