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timing tools

  1. C

    Timing belt clio 2

    I’ve got a timing belt kit for my 1.2 16v 2004 clio, does anyone have any experience with doing this and can recommend some tools to make it easier? how difficult is the job? I really don’t want to knacker my engine some people say it’s a really easy job and I hope that’s the case I’ve done a...
  2. L

    Genuine Renault Service Tool Needed Kent

    So, I have taken the time that this COVID virus given me to complete a number tasks that are overdue on my little 182 clio. Cambelt included. Whilst doing the job have realised that the amount of room between the chassis and the engine is tiny and after a little think to myself I decided to...
  3. C

    Timing tools help please.

    Some assistance required. Bought timing tool set off the bay to do cam let change on Ph1 172. Engine no rusted away and not on log book. Camshaft locking Tool doesn't fit and apparently according to seller kit fits F4R 730 and 732 but not F4R 736. On this basis I assume I have a F4R 736...