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  1. Jameswayne

    VW Trans to Clio II RS engine

    Dear people, I am interested in putting a clio II rs (2L) engine in my clio II 1.4 16v and rebuilding it to a 2l rs. I heard that it’s best to get a VW transmission and axle’s rather than the stock 2l rs transmission and axle’s because they get leaky en break fast. Can anyone point me in the...
  2. kendeba

    182 transmission failure

    Hey fellas. I have a 182 and the car unable to handle gear 2. The linkage seems good, the other gears work fine. The problem came out after I made some speeding like 140mph. My first thought was the transmission fluid level lowness, but everyone else said this failure much worse. I will check...
  3. James Marchment


    Clutch has just let go on my 182 currently on ITBS and cams running circa 200-210bhp So much choice out there... Sachs Perfromance Helix Padle Helix group N Standard OEM PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. B

    Transmition swap

    Hey! So me and my friend want a new project to be killing time with, and I just bought a new daily car so we have this clio that we just use for fun. One day we came up with the great idea that we should fufill every fwd guys little secret dream. make it rwd. And so we started planning, I can...
  5. K

    Play in Gear Stick

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Clio II 2005 a few months ago and noticed my gear stick wobbles a lot. I've read up about it and found it's common for it to wobble around but no other threads mention the exact symptoms I'm experiencing. It bounces around while engaging and disengaging the clutch...