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turbo 172

  1. Desmoben1

    Here’s one for the tuners...

    My 172 engine rebuild as follows: Forged 9.5 or 8.5 - 1 pistons and rods(depending on availability) lightened flywheel, paddle clutch, ported head and inlet. ED turbo kit PMS race exhaust - no cat. ....and here is my question. I’ve bought 197 cams and a gpN 8degree advance timing tool...
  2. Martin.

    Martin's Track Clio 182 Project Thread

    I've been on here for a good couple of years now, but have always been against the idea of starting a thread for my track toy, mainly because I couldn't be bothered. I've been slowly collating all of my photos though and they are now stored reasonably well. So I thought I would make a change...