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turbocharged clio

  1. Con.SW

    Turbo 182 cut out when idling

    Hi all! I'm currently looking and have been to view a turbo 182. When on the test drive the car seemed to not want to idle when at junctions and unless you revved it slightly it would cut out. Apart from that the car ran spot on. Just wanted to check to see if this is a major issue and if...
  2. RuskiWeldFab

    Custom tubular turbo manifold Fab

    Just wanted to share 2 part video i made of how i fabricated my own turbo manifold. its shedule 10 bends and pipe. all tig welded and back purged. its not a work of art but its my first one and i am happy with it! time will tell how well i built it. PART 1. measure 7 times only cut once. PART...