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  1. P

    Has anyone purchased from the official Renault Sport shop?

    Hello squad, I'm on the look out for some new/restored Clio 1*2 Turini's and came across the renault sport store. Where you can buy some CUP spec wheels (ET38.5, Image attached below). I owned a TROPHY set (ET45) for my old 182. So I know what geniune wheels look like (image attached below)...
  2. t90_lle

    172 & 182...

    A couple images taken at my local Sunday night meet of mine and @182_steve car... Great colours on both!!
  3. M

    Turini's Set Yorkshire £150

    If it weren't that far away for me I'd have snatched em. Posted 11 hours ago
  4. JamieG95

    JamieG95's RB182

    Picked this up yesterday evening, gave it a clean and took it out for a few photos tonight, more to follow! 182FF with 50k on the clock, extremely pleased with it! My RB182 Clio! by JamieGraham95, on Flickr