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Picked this up yesterday evening, gave it a clean and took it out for a few photos tonight, more to follow!

182FF with 50k on the clock, extremely pleased with it!


My RB182 Clio!
by JamieGraham95, on Flickr
Very nice, have the wheels been re painted a different shade to the OEM colour ? they look great.

Cheers! Yeah they appear to have been painted with some sort of plastidip as its beginning to peel off on one wheel, the colour is great though! Have my Pro race 1.2's to go on aswell :D

Another pic from last night with a mates Premier Edition Ep3!

Hot Hatches!
by JamieGraham95, on Flickr
Cheers everyone! :)

Is the EF24-70mm the standard lens that comes with the 600D? Also did you do much post processing, as these photos look great!

Nah it's not, comes standard with either an 18-55mm or an 18-135mm lens, my 24-70 f2.8 is an L lens. There is a bit yeah, all done in lightroom, just adjusting colours and light really though!
Haven't updated this in a while!

Things are still coming along slowly on the car, tidying little things up here and there but really enjoying driving it!


_MG_2707 by JamieGraham95, on Flickr

After a rather large hole developed in the Standard backbox and Renault quoted me over £700 for a standard system I got myself a non resonated Milltek catback system & replaced all the exhaust mounts whilst I was at it, sounds great! Also got some new number plates and a machine polish to freshen up the exterior, still haven't managed to rip the tints off yet though!


_MG_2712 by JamieGraham95, on Flickr


_MG_2713 by JamieGraham95, on Flickr

On the hunt for a set of Renaultsport Turini's for it now if anyone knows of any for sale locally? (Northern Ireland)


_MG_2715 by JamieGraham95, on Flickr
Cheers everyone!

Lovely. Any plans to lower it?

Yep, been offered a set of 40mm Apex springs but not sure whether to sell them on and hold out for cooksports or just put them in, no plans for coilovers yet anyway!

Awesome pictures. Just get them mismatched tires changed :eek:

One of my little ocd nightmares! Keeping them on until they're worn out or until I get myself a set of Turinis :)
  BG 182
Saw these on flickr before I saw these on here. Looks awesome, so desperate to get an unpainted grille for mine, looks fine like that!
Different tyres on the front too, drives me mad! Have bought a set of Turini's and will have fresh rubber all round once they are refurbed! :)


ClioSport Moderator
That looks amazing almost brand new! really like this colour. I quite like the tints but if you do decide to remove them when you remove the back window one turn the rear demisters on for 10 minutes so the tints dont rip out the filament.

Good choice with the Milltek, ive had one on all my 182's.
What I have noticed is that new ones seem to be different to the old ones in that the Milltek logo that is laser etched on the back doesnt show up as much as they used to. You can hardly see it on the new ones.