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  1. Joe Wootten

    Strobing Headlights (Fault)

    Looking for someone to cast some light on a problem i've got with my 182, Past few days my headlights have been going on and off, you can hear the relay in the passenger foot-well going crazy, ive changed the relay and no luck with that and now today its started messing with the wipers and...
  2. C

    UCH Fault Headlights, Sidelight, Dashlights all going off when driving

    Evening, having some issues with my 2005 182 cup. When driving along my lights keep randomly turning off and on. Relay is clicking under the passanger footwell as they go on and off. This is everything Headlights, Sidelights, Dashlights, Hazard lights! It can be totally random or sometimes on...
  3. C

    UCH problems?

    Evening gents/ladies; Car in question is a 2003 1.2 16v Clio. I believe i have a UCH problem but i'd just like a few opinions before i go down the route of repairing it. history: I bought the car as a non starter, the car had a factory fitted cobra alarm system on it, I have ripped out the cobra...