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update list

  1. M

    Update list Expert menu

    I have a 05 plate Clio with update list. I had to replace to old update list with another update list radio, with mp3. What the key combo to get to the menu the set the volume adjust at speed. Also as it mp3. can I just pile a load of mp3's on a cdr-r and it will work ?
  2. P

    Update List unit sudden aux-in quality problem

    Wondering if anyone can advise on a strange issue I've run into with the Update List head unit in my '05 reg 182. I bought the car a few months ago, and had purchased a 3.5mm aux-in adaptor from eBay and been using it with no issues. The quality wasn't outstanding, but sounded fine, and was no...
  3. lordyjordy

    Connects2 CTARNBT003

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any experience with Connects2 CTARNBT003? Looks too good to be true...