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  1. TheBandit

    Life in these Toyo R888s?

    Bought a set of alloys with some used R888s, two are flogged and the other two have reasonable tread to them (2.5-5mm) I'm going to repaint the rims and purchase road tyres. I want to ask those with experience with these tyres if there is any life left in this set for somebody? (16" 205/45)
  2. W

    How many KMs are too many for a 182?

    Hi, New member here. Proud owner of a 2015 Clio RS Sport. One of my friends is also looking to join the club with a 182 however it's clocked 190,000kms. So just curious as to how many Kms is too many? Here are the two we are tossing up atm. Any opinions would be appreciated...