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Life in these Toyo R888s?


ClioSport Club Member
  Goodwood Green '01
Bought a set of alloys with some used R888s, two are flogged and the other two have reasonable tread to them (2.5-5mm)

I'm going to repaint the rims and purchase road tyres. I want to ask those with experience with these tyres if there is any life left in this set for somebody?

(16" 205/45)



ClioSport Club Member
Bin fodder. That design has been out of production for ages, id bet 8-10 years old minimum, so well past their best.


ClioSport Club Member
  Goodwood Green '01
Thank you for the feedback everyone, seems like these will be going straight in the bin 🚮
To be fair the first one seems alright. No sign of any hot graining so doesn’t appear to have been used properly on track much, but also no cold graining so it hasn’t been spanked from cold on track either. Wear looks like camber so appears to have been run at correct pressures. But it’s the sort of thing you’ll have in your garage for a year waiting for someone who is after one spare NLA tyre in an uncommon size.

The others have got a lot of cracks.
A sheet of ice with water poured on top, on the moon, has more grip than a T1R.

When you zoom in 3 & 4 have a ton more cracks than #1 though which makes me question whether they are actually the same age.

Is #4 cracked all the way around the circumference? Difficult to tell from the angle, but #4 looks to be flat spotted in the area of the cracks. Never seen it before (admittedly I’ve seen hundreds of knackered tyres but not 6 year old ones) but wondering if the two are mutually inclusive.

I really like tyres.