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  1. M

    Vibrations at certain rpms

    1500 and 3000 rpm Also at 60 mph Its had all new belt end done within last 1000 miles. Timing, alternator, air con. New mount was fitted last week. Vibration through the accelerator pedal and seat. Vastly more noticeable at when car is cold and stationary. Calms down but doesnt go when car...
  2. S

    Clutch fork wobbling

    Clutch fork is wobbling back and forth (towards and away from clutch)- no sideways movement in it (towards and away from rad/firewall) Pivot bearing or throw out? Causes vibration you can feel through floor and pedals at idle and to either side of 3k rpm. Worse when air con put on at idle...
  3. H

    Nearside low speed vibration

    Howdy all, have myself a clip 172, is lowered a bit and I've just had the timing belt done. Whenever the car is travelling straight at sub 20kmh and you foot it, it seems as if there's a vibration like a stuffed tie rod or unbalanced wheel, and goes away above 40kmh and doesn't return, it seems...
  4. kendeba

    Clio 182 Vibrates After Trackday

    Hi Guys, After a trackday my car started to vibrate while accelerating. This happens after 2k rpms and the power of the vibration depends on how much I accelerate. Have you ever experienced this issue? Should I park the car until I find out what the problem is? Ty for your help!
  5. M

    Bad vibration after lowering

    I've recently put Eibach pro kit springs on my car and now it has a really bad vibration through the full car but not the steering wheel when I hit 60+ mph. We've Rebalanced all four wheels and got them to zero, but now its gotten a lot worse and can now fell it coming through the steering...