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Nearside low speed vibration

  Clio 172
Howdy all, have myself a clip 172, is lowered a bit and I've just had the timing belt done.

Whenever the car is travelling straight at sub 20kmh and you foot it, it seems as if there's a vibration like a stuffed tie rod or unbalanced wheel, and goes away above 40kmh and doesn't return, it seems to get worse whenever you book a right turn but doesn't happen when cornering hard left.

Now I did run my offside driveshaft with little grease as a boot split about 40km from home on the freeway but that's all fixed up and there's no play

Could it be the engine is pushed too far to the left and causing a slight vibration? It needs new mounts but has a powerflex dogbone. Also, is the nearside driveshaft cup in the diff not that hard to replace either? Cheers
  Clio 172
Is the noise definitely coming from the front?

Could be the nearside rear wheel bearing?

And welcome, btw! :)
It's not per say a noise but a vibration/wobble through the steering wheel. It feels more to the centre of the car but is definitely something driveline related, as getting on the brakes and the gas to maintain a steady speed of 20kmh in both 1st and second, the frequency of it doesn't change.

I recently had a boot tear on the offside shaft but traveled about 75km on it all freeway km and put a new boot on but there was a lot of heat that went through it and it had the tiniest bit of play, I think that could be the culprit, still unsure though

Cheers for the welcome!