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warning lights

  1. AndyPembs182

    ABS, service and traction control lights

    Since changing my wishbones and track rod ends last weekend some warning lights are coming on and off intermittently: ABS, service and traction control. I suspect an ABS sensor might have been knocked during the work? Maybe some rust got into a sensor? Can anyone offer some advice as to how to...
  2. C

    Clio mk3 low battery light when driving

    Hi all. This is my first post so hello! I bought a Clio Mk3 ph2 1.2tce a week ago now and just can't figure out why I'm getting the low battery (and stop) warning light on after about 15 minutes of driving. This is the sequence of events that I experience: 1) Car starts absolutely fine, all...
  3. G

    Toxic Fume Light

    Hi everyone. My 1.2 Clio has had the toxic fume light flashing on and off for a few months now and recently has just gone constantly on. My car has recently had a full service new filters etc... Can anyone help to figure out what the problem could be please? Thanks .
  4. W

    Clio starting problem - fixed

    Hi...thought i would post this solution on here as despite pleas for help on the renault and RAC forums (with no replies) the best advice/guidelines came from searching this forum. 1.2 16v 2004 clio Fault was... Turn ignition on, fuel pump relay clicks 5/6 times, fuel pump doesn't prime, engine...