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  1. L

    Has anyone put headlight washers on clio ll ph1? Picture please

    Hello.. so i am planning to install xenon or LED lighting but the problem is, by the laws in Croatia, if you are converting from halogen to xenon you need to have headlihgt washers(dont know if there are similar cases). So i am driving a non sport and dont know should i put them on my front...
  2. B

    Clio Mk3 washer jet not working

    Hi So a my washers seem to have stopped working. I've filled them up and no luck. When I pull back the stalk a little comes out of the right one, but not enough to reach the screen and nothing out of the left. I can hear the motor, one thing that is strange, if i twist the stalk for it to wash...
  3. edwarj123

    Windscreen washer pump

    Hi, So today whether I pulled the stalk to do the front washers or twisted it to do the rear, it sprayed from the rear Had a fiddle, switched it off and on again and then worked ok for a bit. Now front dribbles out a bit, rear doesn't work and don't think headlamp ones work either Presume...
  4. R

    182 Headlight washers, only 1 working, garage stumped.

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post as I only got my Clio 182 a month ago and it has now failed its MOT! I am in dire need of help... have tried everything logical!The garage could not sort this issue so any ideas would be much appreciated. The issue is only 1 side of the headlight jets are...