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Windscreen washer pump

  Clio 182
So today whether I pulled the stalk to do the front washers or twisted it to do the rear, it sprayed from the rear

Had a fiddle, switched it off and on again and then worked ok for a bit. Now front dribbles out a bit, rear doesn't work and don't think headlamp ones work either

Presume it's a new pump" looked on GSF, put in my reg and the only one it comes up with says for vehicles without headlamp washers

All I can see on eBay are twin port ones - is there a specific on or triple one to do headlamps, am I bothered I don't get y headlamps washed when my windscreen washes?

Also regards to replaicing the pump - links to the cheapest wiper are puller please that works :)

Remove the pump from the washer tank. You will see one oulet is white and other is black. Pull them away from eachother and a little round cylinder with rubber ends shall drop out.

Cut 1mm off each rubber end and refit it. It shall now work perfect, be careful with some replacements as they are wrong


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 182
^^^^ this man knows what he is talking about.

after trimming mine a few years down the line its still working perfect
  Focus RS + S3
I bought a cheap £10 one from eurocarparts

It failed within seconds lol
So modded the original one as per instructions above and it works great