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  1. Barnett182

    Clio 182 water in the footwell

    Well well, where do I begin? I've now had two Clios that have done the same thing! I know this has been posted before but there are no decent pics of where people should be looking for the drain holes (although their not to difficult to find). I've taken a couple of pics of where the one in the...
  2. Niall

    Alternator Broken, Possible Water Damage?

    So, my alternator is knackered. Car broke down on NYE with a flat battery, and the AA man quickly diagnosed the alternator which I'd known might have been a problem for a little while because of the STOP and battery light that had been flickering. The AA man got it working again by giving it a...
  3. dane0

    heater matrix replacement help

    ive searched about loads of problems with the heater matrix. where abouts is it located? i started another thread about about my windscreen steaming up on hot fans and its possible mine might be leaking. i have read its a pig of a job to do but just wanting to know its location. im going to...
  4. Louis

    New clio, first problems!

    Hi guys. Well, just bought a 2002 clio 3 days ago and having some problems. Basically today I woke up and went downstairs to see the clio lights were flashing. I thought I had left my hazards on but I hadnt, as they don't seem to even work. Anyway! Opened the car and the battery is obviously...
  5. Malikkkg

    Clio Water Pump leaking, serious issue or not?

    Hi guys, I have owned a 1.2 2004 Clio for 13 months now. Ever since I got the car the water coolant runs out very quickly and i used to check it quite frequently and always top it up. I haven't really had any issues with the water levels at all, apart from filling it a lot. However recently i...