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Clio Water Pump leaking, serious issue or not?

  Renault Clio
Hi guys,

I have owned a 1.2 2004 Clio for 13 months now. Ever since I got the car the water coolant runs out very quickly and i used to check it quite frequently and always top it up. I haven't really had any issues with the water levels at all, apart from filling it a lot.

However recently i have completely forgot about it being an issue and haven't filled it up, engine overheated and wouldn't start. luckily i was pulled up on the roadside and a random mechanic helped me. He got it back up and running after filling the coolant several times and came to the conclusion my water pump is leaking.

I got the cam belt and water pump done this time last year, December 2014 and dont really want to spend £300-£400 getting the water pump replaced. I understand if the water pump does completely go, it can take out the cam belt then the engine. However the water pump could have been leaking for all the time ive owned it and could just leak but no danger of it going completely

My question is can i just keep refiling the water coolant regularly and carry on driving or is there a high chance of the water pump breaking?
You really should have taken it back to the place that changed the pump, it shouldn't have continued to leak after they completed the work.

I'd still take it back to be honest, they may help you out. It could be a faulty pump?

Either way, get it sorted. You can cause serious damage if you run low on coolant which you may have already done so with your recent overheating.