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  1. kenbob

    My white mk2 Clio

    Hey guys, I don't see many white Clio's around and wanted to share recent some pics of mine.
  2. S

    Blue Clio (non sport) with white wheels

    Hey, I'm looking to put white wheels (probably OZ F1s 16") on my Clio 2 ph2 with Odyssey Blue color. How is it gonna look, anyone can post a photo? Also going to put clio 2 sport wing, rear bumper and grill.
  3. WhiteClioCup

    Greetings fellow baguette heads. New Member Intro

    Hiya! I've finally managed to save enough to get my own RS2 a couple months ago and I'm absolutely in love with the way he handles, sounds and looks! I've never been so passionate about a car before. So much so i've named him 'Chip'. Problem is I've ended up going on a slight rampage on my...
  4. J

    Clio 200

    Hi guys, I’ve just joined Currently on the look for a clio 200 Must have Recaros What’s out there?? Thanks
  5. MrBlonde


    New shape Clio Trophy in white with private plate,Something like TROPHY?.going through Ford End in essex,near chelmsford.
  6. Mitchell Kerr

    Clio Mk3 Project!

    Hey there, new to this forum! All i can say to start off with is that I own a Clio Mk3 facelift but its not an RS. If this offends you then leave, but if you want to see a project that will go somewhere for us who can not afford the RS price then this project is for you! Mods are: AP Coilovers...
  7. Fred the Clio

    Blue 182 with white stripes

    Spotted you driving down upper Selsdon road in Croydon at around 3ish today!