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  1. Terrum

    Tips on 'Big 3' upgrade

    I'm looking to do the 'Big 3' electrical upgrade on my 2010 Renault Clio 1.2 16V i-Music. This is where the cables for the alternator positive, alternator/engine negative and battery negative are replaced/added with higher gauge ones, for car audio and potentially better horsepower etc. Does...
  2. A

    Buying new head unit

    Hi I’m wanting to buy a new head unit so I can fit a sub in my clio mk2 2007 , I understand that to fit a new head unit in there needs to be some kind of connector to the old wires , do I need to but that seperately or does that come standard with a new head unit ? Also what is a decent head...
  3. mantis946

    Wire Diagram PH1

    Hiya, Does anybody have a wire diagram for a PH1 engine bay loom, fitted some parts yesterday and appears I've disturbed a wire - Car is cranking and fuel pump priming but it's not firing up (Fuse's are fine, no immobilizer and the fuel cut off hasn't popped) Cheers Paul
  4. Jack!

    Starter motor wire (exciter?)

    If I go into the engine bay via the drivers side wheel arch I can see the starter motor, at the top of the starter motor is a wire, I believe this may be the exciter wire? Sometimes my car doesn't start, and if I wiggle this connection it will start again. I'm sick of doing this now, can this...