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Starter motor wire (exciter?)


ClioSport Club Member
If I go into the engine bay via the drivers side wheel arch I can see the starter motor, at the top of the starter motor is a wire, I believe this may be the exciter wire? Sometimes my car doesn't start, and if I wiggle this connection it will start again.

I'm sick of doing this now, can this cable be pulled completely off so I can clean up the connection? I can't seem to pull it off.


ClioSport Club Member
yup, just give it a good tug!!
Thanks, any suggestions for solving this recurring issue? Should a clean up do the trick?

Previously I've tried bending the connection hoping it would kind of lock the plastic connector in place if that makes sense, but this doesn't seem to work.
  172 Ph1
Years gone by - we used to cut off that connection and replace it with a new spade connector . Cured it every time .
More than likely it's over heated over time and is either dirty or current overload burnt which is why it fails.