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won't start

  1. J

    Clio 1.4 2001 Won't Start

    Hi Guys, I'm new here! A few weeks ago I bought a 2001 Clio 1.4 manual and last night on my way back from work and while I was driving I heard a strange noise then looked down at the revs and saw the engine was not running. While I was still rolling I pulled over to the side of the road and...
  2. C

    Car won't crank over (turn over)

    My girlfriends Clio 1.2 8v won't crank over she went shopping got out pressed the lock button but it didn't lock went and done what she had to came back out turned the key and nothing got the car towed back and noticed the immobiliser light is not on or flashing had a new battery fitted so do...
  3. 20vKarlos

    Starting problem... new battery, won't start! n

    Right guys, Yesterday I went to pick up my bargain Clio 172, I was told prior to winning the car that it just needed a battery and it would start up. It was last started a month ago by the kiddies dad. I arrive, change the battery and nothing happens, not even a click... so I was thinking...
  4. IRD05

    2007 Clio 1.2tCE Battery Issues

    Evening all, First post so go easy on me please! :) I have a 57 Reg 1.2tCE Clio which today decided - out of nowhere - to not fire. Was driven all day yesterday, driven to work this morning all fine, then in the afternoon I went out to it and all kind of electrical hell had broke loose...
  5. welshname

    Clio 197 - Won't start

    So I've had a bit of an issue with the 197. First off I was driving home and the "ESP Deactivated" warning came up. Thought nothing of it and assumed it was a dodgy sensor or ABS ring. Then I got "Brake Fault" followed shortly by "Steering Fault". All this time the car was driving fine aside...