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£200 dent!

  RB5 & 172

just got a quote for a dent on my bonnet to be repaired, £200!

anyone know of a good (cheap?) body shop in hampshire/surrey, or does £200 for a dent to be pulled out and resprayed sound good?

How bigs the dent? Im not suprised by the price but you could try pulling out the dent yourself with one of those puller things from halfords.

I have a large stone chip in my bonnet and was told £300 as it would require the bonnet and the tops of the wings to be sprayed to blend the colour in. So I did it myself with a touch up pen, not perfect but alot cheaper and not that visable now.

Company called Dent-Master, near me(Windsor) charge by the pannel. So if you wait untill youve got a few more chips and dents they will still charge the same! ;) May as well get your moneys worth!
  Clio 200 FF

yep dentmaster are your best bet, they charge about £35 per panel and it doesnt matter how many dents. They do need to be able to get to the dent from behind to massage it out so as long as the bent isnt above the bonnet frame (cross supports) you should be ok
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Fooking ell £200 !!

They are taking the piss !! Repair and paint the whole bonnet should cost no more than £100.00

Dentmaster should be able to do it as long as they have access to the area !!

depending on the dent £200 is feasible depending on paint colour/quality etc aswell, dear in mind if its a new car and u want top quality paint your looking at 80 quid a liter. should be able to beat 200 quid tho

give us a call were based in leatherhead, surrey contact details can be found here

its somethign we can fit in soon as i think
  RB5 & 172

cheers for all the advice.

unfortunately the dent is at the bottom edge of the bonnet so it is double skin at that point meaning it can not be pushed out!

as for the colour it is a MK I 172 in dark blue that flips from blue to purple, so again not easy to match.

CS_matt, thanks for the link but im in petersfield so leatherhead is a fair trek up the a3.

no worries m8. with that colour you would have to blend it into the wings aswell m8 so 200 quid aint far off at all

so say 50-70 quid labour to remove the dent

30-80 quid on paint

60-100 quid on spraying and suddenly that 200 quid comes round pretty quickly


yeah i used a company called chipsaway and they charged me £45 to do my passenger door! quality paint match too, as they used the paint code of the car to match it up!

heres there number 0800 0680238

it dont matter that its under the double skin as they fill it!

hope it helps